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About Us and Our History.


Perryton National Bank, is a single facility bank located in the heart of Perryton, Texas serving Ochiltree County and the surrounding area. The Bank offers the services of a modern financial institution while maintaining the integrity and personalized service of a community bank. Decisions are made locally by local people. Perryton National Bank takes pride in having been "Perryton's Bank" since 1919.

The Bank is located at 825 S. Main in Perryton with ample off street parking and convenient entrances on the West and South sides. Our drive-up banking lanes are on the East side of the bank with entry from Ash Street. We have a private and secure drive-up ATM machine, also on the East side of our building.

Perryton National Bank's mission is to meet the needs of the Perryton area by providing community leadership and quality financial services. Our directors and employees are deeply involved in community government and development, churches, civic clubs, booster clubs, and numerous other community activities. Our financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates, telephone banking, and internet banking. We have led the area in providing a stable and consistent bank while providing the latest in customer service technology. We are continuously told that "Perryton National Bank is a comfortable place to bank."

If we can provide better service to you, please don't hesitate to contact us in person, by phoning 806-435-9641, or email us.

Statement of Condition - December 31, 2015

Cash and due from banks $19,460,910
Investment securities $98,832,294
Federal Funds Sold $3,550,000
Loans, net $50,493,553
Bank premises and equipment, net $379,387
Income receivable and other assets $736,148
Total Assets$173,452,293
Liabilities and Capital
Non interest bearing deposits $66,212,882
Interest bearing deposits $87,271,245
Total Deposits$153,484,127
Accrued interest, taxes, and other liabilities $72,386
Total Liabilities$153,556,513
Stockholder's Equity
Common stock $350,000
Surplus $350,000
Undivided profits $17,241,655
Net unrealized gains (losses) on available for sale securities $652,329
Total Stockholder's Equity$19,895,780
Total Liabilities and Equity$173,452,293

Officers and Directors

Douglas W. Hale President and CEO
Don S. Dyer Executive Vice President and CFO
Charles Kelly Vice President
Becky Smith Vice President/Cashier
Bryce Hale Vice President
Maria Herrera Lending Officer
J Aston Lending Officer
Tim E. Tregellas Chairman
Don S. Dyer Director
Douglas W. Hale Director
Jerald Rutz Director
Roger D. Wright Director
Todd Gorman Director
Chris Gramstorff Director